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The decision to sell or purchase a home is an important decision, and how better to proceed than with accurate and reliable information about the property in question.

All inspections from Atlantic Inspection, Inc. evaluate interior and exterior components and systems including the roof, basement or crawl space, heating, cooling, ventilation, insulation, plumbing, structure, and electrical.

Atlantic Inspection, Inc. uses many tools and instruments to collect data about the property being inspected. Pertinent findings are entered into the inspection report.

Atlantic Inspection, Inc. residential inspection reports include 18 pages of information about every major system and component of the house. The report is emailed to you the same day as the inspection. Pictures are included on the reports to provide complete documentation of issues and findings. There is not wait time for reports. All findings are personally discussed with the client at the time of the inspection to provide full understanding of the report.

Pre-List Inspection
Conducted prior to listing your house on the market. This provides insight into areas of enhancement or repair that potential buyers might expect or request. It is assumed that if conditions or situations are discovered by the inspector, the buyers’ inspector will also call attention to the same area. This will give the seller time and opportunity to make the corrections or find a contractor of their choice to perform the work. This inspection may save you from last minute negotiations or concessions to the buyer.

Pre-Purchase Inspection
Provides the buyer peace of mind and some insight into the condition of the home and what, if any, corrections or repairs may be needed. We want to insure that your home is in favorable operating condition before you move in, and you have some idea of what may be required in the future.

New Construction Inspection
I do 'pre-drywall' inspection and then final full inspection at construction completion

Light Commercial Building Inspection
Multi-family dwellings, apartments, small office and retail buildings.

Builder Warranty Inspection
Most builders offer a one-year warranty on the materials and workmanship of the home. Near the end of the warranty we can assist with a final “punch-list” of items to present to the contractor

Insurance Inspection
Insurance companies often require a Four-Point Inspection prior to insuring older properties. This inspection is a review of the Roof, Plumbing, Electrical and HVAC systems. This is not an in-depth complete home inspection but for insurance purposes and your information only.

Investor Property Inspections
Recommended at least every two years for those who own rental properties or second homes. Costly repairs maybe avoided when you are informed about maintenance and repair issues. It also aids in the budgeting for replacement items.

Foreclosure Inspections
Mortgage lenders can be better informed about property issues by a professional home inspection. Thousands or more dollars may be lost by roof and plumbing leaks, unsecured entry points and other issues that may be avoided. It also allows for better budgeting when addressing repair issues.


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